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We Help eCommerce Brands Add $30k-$80k Per Month In Additional Revenue Profitably

We Eliminate The Risk For Our Clients And GUARANTEE Results.

LS. DIGITAL WORLD mission is to become the most results driven Ecommerce Product marketing agency and to erase the 'I've been burnt in the past' conversation that all founders have. So we've removed the risk entirely for our clients. We do not keep a single cent if we don't actually deliver results

We're an elite eCommerce Marketing Agency that focuses on your problem to acquire customers aggressively and retain them longer, so that you can focus on your products and aim for higher Goals.

Make it happen

We understand eCommerce better than others

Having come from owning eCommerce brand ourself, we understand the ins and outs of the business from the founder's view. The data we gather are not just numbers, we help brand owners decipher it to make their business better every month. 

Skilled for the medium as well as fast scaling businesses

We have worked with businesses from the stage of setting up their ground, to businesses which have been well funded... even took many brands to the stage of funding. Our industry expertise is useful for brands of almost all scale.

Unparalleled Communication Experience

Effective communication is what drives the business, and we understand that. We give ourself pats on being able to respond to client queries fast. The amount of calls we offer are always more than needed and we are always up for our clients.

A Quick Glance At Some Case Studies

These are just some of the many case studies we have build over the years.

CASE STUDY Work Brief:

Roas : 8.4x

Brand : Skateboard

Revenue In a month : 91.33k$

The brand is a fine skateboard brand making custom pieces. As this family owned business started providing wholesale model to go direct to the customers, they quickly gathered the attention and praises from some major publications.

Work Brief:

Roas : 4.6x

Brand : Furniture

Revenue In a day : 6.7k$

After partnering with us, in 4 weeks of testing and gathering understandings, the results skyrocketed. Able to Hit 6.7$ in a single day.

Work Brief: 

Roas : 6.7x

Brand : Home decore

Revenue In a week : 23.7k$

The brand is an accessible Home decore for all that inspires a sense of glamor, confidence. With our efforts, the brand was able to revive their quality audience and garner the attention of many influencers and celebrities that started purchasing from them. The collective efforts with their + our team got them back on high profitability track which was dropping consistently before partnering with us.

Work Brief.

Roas : 7.9x

Brand : Bicycles

Revenue In 2 weeks : 36.8k$

The client's business was launched in 2022 with the goal of making uncasual Bicycles available to everyone.

While partnering with us, the business. Soon with some weeks of testing and gathering understandings, the results shot up. The business went as high in revenue, acquiring customers at better profitability than before. 

What people are saying

"It is amazing experience working with them. i am happy with the service."


"They scale my business to 220% more in 4 weeks. and good communication"


"Really Appreciate there effort for scaling my brand from loss to profits."



About Us:

Ls Digital World are group of media buyer that will help your scale your business with good roi and bulletproof plan. Our Team Specialize in Facebook and instagram ads.

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